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Super Monkey Ball Community

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April 1st, 2005

bucky_sinister @ 11:19 am: Controller Update: The Dualshock 1 won't work with SMB Deluxe
I got another Dualshock 2 (the one for PS 2) and it's working.

My old gray one that i got with the PS 1 works with every other game. It works with Katamari Damacy and other new games.


March 25th, 2005

bucky_sinister @ 02:57 pm: New to the Monkey Ball
Hey, I just got SMB Deluxe for the PS2. My 2nd controller is my old gray one that came with the PS1. It doesn't seem to register. I'm trying to figure out if smb only works with the new controllers or if there is some weird glitch/bug with the game. I'd hate to have to buy a new controller just to get two player action going, but I will if need be.

January 27th, 2005

reversegecko @ 06:18 pm: Hey guys, I made a compilation video of all my monkey ball replays. It's decently long, but pretty sweet so check it out (if you have broadband). Also, I've recorded [some of] the music from monkey ball 1 and 2, which can be found here.

In other news moneky ball dx is coming out in over a month so I'm excited about that :)
Althought I just sold my xbox and half of my ps2. hm

May 15th, 2004

rye @ 08:28 pm: le sigh..
The deadest community on lj is about to get a whole lot deader. There was no showing or announcement of anykind for Super Monkey Ball 3 at E3. Which really blows.

Someone needs to revive these monkeys, stat.

April 17th, 2004

sterlingm @ 02:00 pm: Yeah, the community is pretty much dead, but fortunately, I'm going to E3 in a month, and Sega's probably number 3 on my list (behind Rockstar and Capcom) for companies I want to talk to, and rest assured, I'm going to be grilling them on where our precious SMB 3 is (I heard a rumor that it's supposed to support LAN play, which means Warp Pipe capabilities! :D)....

August 8th, 2003

rye @ 07:24 pm: People better at monkeyball then any of us will ever hope to be.
Yes well I know this community is dead and all but for the remaining few people who want to view those packattack videos I mentioned 6 MONTHS AGO, they have since moved to a better faster site. Please, do enjoy these. I hear A11 is quite lovely.

Packattack videos..

March 21st, 2003

spudlee @ 10:00 am: initial thoughts
finally saw super monkey ball 2 last night!! (only just been released in australia) only got to play it for 2 seconds... but um *drool*

best game of the year!!! (big call i know) the graphics are awesome, i like the changes to the existing party games and the new stages in the story mode look great.

luckily it doesnt really stray too far from the first one in terms of menus etc. and i'm loving the new music for monkey golf!

what are _your_ thoughts?

January 21st, 2003

rye @ 04:54 am: Packattack strats..
The monkey baller "Packattack" is very much known to be the best in the world.. that man can ball like nobodys business. I finally found the site where his videos are stored, and now I share it with you:

Its slow as molasses but alot of them you truely *must* see. This guy is like a freak. Or something. I've only seen a few but so far I recommend watching Labyrinth and Postmodern.. two boards I still cant get thru.

But yeah he has problems. I mean, what the fuck?

September 2nd, 2002

spudlee @ 02:45 pm: just in case someone hasnt seen these yet:

a series of Flash games based on Sega's Super Monkey Ball 2 for the Nintendo GameCube.
Try out Monkey Target, Monkey Baseball and Monkey Bowling!



only had a couple quick games so far during lunch break at work but so far, scores are:

3860 target
5 baseball (shameful i know!)
54 bowling

fun! cant wait for it to launch in australia!

leigh xo

August 6th, 2002

chiabrit @ 10:05 am: Got Monkey?
Start placing those pre-orders my simian friends.

Super Monkey Ball 2 - August 26h

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